Video Game Titles


Lord of the Rings: Tactics

My first project at Amaze.  My contribution to this title was mostly in MEL scripting, and hooking up FX to characters.  I also put together each heroes power attack effect.  This involved combining two separate effects, and matching camera motion between two separate files.





Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

This title was the first one on which I started using Maya’s physics simulation to create exploding objects.  Using this technique, I created a large number of the vehicle explosions.






Shrek: The 3rd

My first project as lead FX artist.  It was during this project, that I created KaBOOM!. 





Where the Wild Things Are

I created several of the character effects, including Max’s scepter.





X-Men Origins: Wolverine

My second project as lead FX artist.  This title came with some special challenges, including effects that encompassed entire levels.  I also worked with the development team, to create new types of ribbon effects that simulated wispy smoke - something we’d never tried before.




Princess and the Frog

For this title, I created several of the background effects that helped set the mood of the game.  I also used I technique developed on Shrek in which I use keyframe animation on flat planes, to simulate cloth movement, with minimal impact on framerate.