Tabletop Game Design



Marchland is my published Savage Worlds setting. Marchland is now free to download.

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Grave Doubts: Adventure in the world of Solomon Kane

Our wandering heroes find themselves caught between old-world superstition, and modern science.
An adventure for 4-6 Novice level characters in the Savage Worlds of Solomon Kane.


Video Games

Titles Shipped

The six game titles I worked on while at Amaze Entertainment.  I performed a variety of functions at Amaze, including visual effects artist, and MEL programmer.




Flash Content



I often get asked if I know Flash.  While I've never used it professionally, I do know how to use it.  Here's a little game I threw together to show what I can do in an afternoon.  Use the mouse to move the ship, and press any button to fire.  That's all it does for now.



Maya Tutorial

Creating Tabbed Panels in Maya Embedded Language (MEL)

Tabbed panels are a great way to organize large, complex MEL interfaces into smaller, more manageable modules.  This makes it easier for the user to break down tasks related to your script, and it just makes for a cleaner looking interface.  This tutorial will show you how to set up the basic shell for you tabbed panels.




A MEL script that makes creating visual effects a blast.  Effects creation often involves doing the same basic operations time after time.  This is not only tedious, it’s inefficient and costly.  KaBOOM! solves that problem by automating much of the process of creating destructible objects.  From crates, to fortresses, anything can be blown to smithereens with KaBOOM!



Multimedia Education


Marchland iBook Video Tutorials

This video explains how to use the interactive features in the iBook version of Marchland. This video is also embedded within the iBook itself.




WorldBuilder Video Tutorials

 These videos showcase the features of the WorldBuilder iOS app.