So, you want to develop mobile Games III: Tools

No matter what your platform of choice, there are no shortage of tools available to the budding game developer. However, this variety can make choosing a development tool difficult. To narrow down the field, I’m only choosing tools that are well supported, and well documented. Another strategy that may help you choose, is to first know what kind of game you are making (2d or 3d)

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So, you want to develop mobile games II: Platforms

Currently, there are three platforms of interest for mobile games; iPhone, Android, and WinPhone. Yes, there are more platforms, but that’s why I added “of interest”. The markets for Blackberry and Palm apps are shrinking daily. So of those three, which one should you choose?

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So, you want to develop mobile games...

There are now about a dozen books on the market that claim to be iPhone game development books. Some of those claims aren’t backed up with any real content, but that’s another discussion. One thing all of these books have in common is the idea that, despite the huge volume of apps already available, there is still room for your great idea. To this, I say “Yes...and no”.

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Casual Connect Conference

Despite having created and app for gamers, it’s still my dream to create games. I have no desire to create the next World of Warcraft. That’s a good thing too, ‘cause it will never happen. I’ve heard more than one person tell me, “I’ve got a great idea for an MMO.” Good luck with that. Let me know when you have 100 more people and $25 million, and we’ll talk. Funny, I’m still waiting for that call.

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Pricing iPhone Apps

After finishing World Builder, I realized that anyone can make an iPhone app, but not everyone can successfully market and sell and iPhone app. One of the key ingredients in selling apps, is pricing.

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