Working offline

I've been reformatting a RPG setting that I've worked on over the last few months.  I like the setting, but it's not quite ready for prime time.  I hope to get the basic shell up soon.

It's frustrating when you have something you want to show people, but you know it's not quite ready.  Having waded through dozens of half-formed ideas, I want to make sure mine is at least coherent, if not complete.


Another Wine Label

Took a couple weeks off for the holidays, but now I'm back at it.

Here's the label for the school auction I mentioned in my last post.  Just finished it, so I haven't heard back from my Brother-in-Law.

I may lighten the background a bit...


[EDIT] Yes, lighter is better.


Merry Christmas

I’m taking a little break from my usual blather, and showing off some of my photoshop skills.

Here is a wine label that I made for my brother-in-law this year.  He’s tough to shop for, since he doesn’t want for much.  However, being a hobbyist wine maker, he could always use a label or two.  Here’s one mockup of the label for the Sangiovese he’s bottling this year.  The scrollwork border, and house are from public domain sources.

 I hope he likes it.  I hope you do too.


Merry Christmas



[Edit]  So, he really liked the label, and asked if I’d be interested in making labels for a batch of wine he’s making for a charity auction.  Of course, I said yes.  I’ll post those labels when they’re complete.


The "Vogler" Model Part 14: Return with the Elixir

Now, we come to the final scene in this adventure. If the game you’ve just run is a one-shot adventure, such as a convention game, this is where the heroes are rewarded, and praised for their courage and hard work. It’s often the point at which the players start to re-emerge into the real world, and think about getting some lunch, or which booth they want to visit next. It’s the moment when people start to pack up their dice, and chat about that funny scene where the knight almost stabbed his horse while swinging at the Orc chieftain. For the GM, this is a chance to reflect on the game, and ask the players for feedback. For the characters in this situation, it is probably the quietest moment in the game.

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The "Vogler" Model Part 13: Resurrection

Probably the most significant theme in the heroes journey, is the concept of Death and Resurrection. In most stories, these events are figurative, not literal. However, there are some stories, such as The Matrix, where the hero literally dies, and is reborn into a very changed person. For games, the metaphorical resurrection is probably more common, if it is used at all. Sadly, many games don’t deal with these concepts at all, but as with Crossing the Threshold, the Resurrection can be a significant, and emotionally satisfying moment in the game. But how do you employ it? For the answer, let’s return to The Lord of the Rings.

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