Cryx Army

I finished assembling and painting the first part of my Cryx army for Warmachine.  So far, I have the battle box, and one unit of Bane Thralls.  I will be adding a Deathjack, Bane Lord Tartarus, Bane Thrall Officer and Standard Bearer, a Skarlock and a Pistol Wraith.  This should give me a good nucleus from which to build a force for both Deneghra and Epic Asphyxious.

Here's the battle box photos.

First, Deneghra


and her bone jacks.

the Slayer (I'll be replacing him with a Deathjack)


And now the Bane Thralls.

First, the Leader

and a few of his nine troopers

I'll post pics of each unit as I get them painted.



Cryxian Necrotite Rig

So, I haven't even finished my Cryx battle box, but I had to get this built.  I've had the image for this piece of terrain in my head a long time.


It's a departure from the usual images of Necrotite rigs, but I've always wanted to do a piece inspired by the oil rigs we used to drive past on our trips to SoCal, when I was a kid.  I've also been itching to do something with motion and lights.

Here are the stills of the final piece.






Switching to Guns

Apologies to my friend Matt for stealing is 'zine name, but it fits.  I've been taking a break from RPGs and spending some time on miniature games.  I'm currently playing Uncharted Seas, a fantasy naval combat game.  Soon, I'll be adding Dystopian Wars, a steampunk land/sea/air game from the makers of Uncharted Seas, and Warmachine from Privateer Press (if I ever get my Cryx battlebox painted).

Anyway, here's my Ralgard fleet from Uncharted Seas.

First the Frigates:

Next are the Cruisers:

and finally, the Battleship.  This thing is a HUGE model, and looks really impressive on the table.


Here's a wind indicator I made out of an old Ral Partha archer and a wooden disk.  I don't like the base, so I'm going to redo it with something a little more ornate (and with compass directions instead of numbers).



Gallowgear World Map

Here's the first version of the Gallowgear world map.


Savage Worlds: Gallowgear Map

I've created the first of many maps for Gallowgear.  This one is Ramujan, the capital of The Gaian Freeholds.

Sorry, it may load slowly.  Thanks for your patience.