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Cryx Army

I finished assembling and painting the first part of my Cryx army for Warmachine.  So far, I have the battle box, and one unit of Bane Thralls.  I will be adding a Deathjack, Bane Lord Tartarus, Bane Thrall Officer and Standard Bearer, a Skarlock and a Pistol Wraith.  This should give me a good nucleus from which to build a force for both Deneghra and Epic Asphyxious.

Here's the battle box photos.

First, Deneghra


and her bone jacks.

the Slayer (I'll be replacing him with a Deathjack)


And now the Bane Thralls.

First, the Leader

and a few of his nine troopers

I'll post pics of each unit as I get them painted.


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