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The "Vogler" Model Part 11: Seizing the Sword

Now that the characters have defeated the villain, it is time for them to claim the Sword.  For many games and gamers, the default Sword is tangible, and sellable - gold, jewels, magical items, etc.  While this may be fitting for many games, the Sword isn’t necessarily something the players can pawn at the next village.

Earlier, I used an example where the players are off to negotiate a peace treaty with a rival kingdom, in order to stave off an Orc invasion.  In this scenario, the Sword is that treaty.  The characters can’t sell it or trade it, but it is worth its weight in gold to the people of both kingdoms.  The treaty is as much a symbol of their victory, as any magical thingamajig, or a pile of gold.

If the reward is money, make sure the players understand that things like gold are heavy.  Killing the dragon, and claiming it’s hoard are all well and good, but how are they going to get it home?  This could be the source of much of the adventure ( and much comedy), as they drag their loot on to The Road Back.

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