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The "Vogler" Model Part 9: The Inmost Cave

Presumably, the heroes have survived many Tests, and Enemies, and now find themselves at the entrance to what Vogler (and Campbell before) refer to as the Inmost Cave.  This could be a cave in the literal sense, such as an Orc stronghold, but it need not be.  The Cave could just as easily be the tall ship belonging to a notorious pirate.  Regardless of its physical form, the Inmost Cave is a place of great danger, and likely the first place our heroes encounter the Villain.

A great example of the Inmost Cave are The Mines of Moria, in The Fellowship of the Ring.  I’ll talk more about Moria when I cover the Ordeal.

This is the moment in the game, where the heroes are about to face their greatest enemy, and it is the chance to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the challenge to come.  Give the players an opportunity to gear up, rest up, and eat up, before they march off to face the villain.  They should have enough respite to heal wounds suffered while facing Tests and Enemies.  Don’t force them to move on unprepared.  If you do, and their characters are killed, they will resent you for it.  If they have time to prepare, and then suffer a character death, it will be easier for them to accept.

I talked earlier about dramatic pauses - those moments in the story, where the audience gets to catch its collective breath.  This is that moment.  This also makes a great breaking point, if everyone is getting tired.

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